What To Do When You’re Too Tired To Workout? 5 Things To Get You Started

No rest and all work can leave you burned out by the end of the week leaving you with zero energy. So what gets compromised when you don’t want to move and rest all day?

You still have to work.

You still have to do all the house chores.

You still have to cook.

The only thing you have control over is skipping your workout! But don’t you think resting while watching Netflix will only strain your eyes more after spending hours in front of your laptop?

What should you do instead?

Fortunately, many other great things help you relax, unwind, and refill your energy stores from a tiring work week. We have gathered a list of 5 awesome things you can do when you’re too tired to workout!

5 Things to Do When You’re Too Tired to Workout

This short list is an amalgamation of things that have amazing health benefits and are super relaxing!


You may know yoga for its relaxation benefits. It allows you to take a seat back from the daily stresses and be mindful of the moment, but the benefits of yoga go beyond that. Here’s why you should consider yoga when you’re too tired to workout after the daily grind.

Research has proved that yoga helps alleviate physiological, structural, emotional, and spiritual pain. It also improves muscular strength, increases flexibility, and promotes recovery. Yoga also helps lower stress, anxiety, and depression and improves sleep.


When you’re too tired to workout in the morning, try stretching. This one is a simple way to get the blood flowing and boost your energy levels. According to Better Sleep, stretching in the morning can help you energize your mind and body, relieve stress and anxiety, improve posture and mobility, and reduce your risk of injury.

It also reduces post-exercise muscle soreness and stiffness, hence can also help you loosen up from your previous workouts.

Lymphatic Massage

When you’re too tired to workout, don’t you just want to get an excellent relaxing massage that can brighten up your day and mind?

Getting or giving yourself a lymphatic massage can work wonders in relaxing your body and stepping up your blood circulation. It also aids the lymphatic system in eliminating toxins from your body.

Lymphatic Massage is renowned for its recovery benefits among the fitness and athletic community.

Compression Therapy

Don’t feel like doing any of the above?

Compression therapy, such as wearing Compression Garments, is highly beneficial for people who exercise regularly. You can find some really chic garments that can vamp up your style while lessening muscle soreness, promoting blood flow, and enhancing oxygenation to the muscles. It also boosts muscle recovery, reduces the risk of injury, and is beneficial for DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness).

Gua Sha for Body

Gua Sha massage is usually famous for increasing lymphatic flow and blood circulation and reducing facial swelling. But, do you know it can also be performed on the body?

Does your shoulder hurt from constantly working on the laptop?

If yes, a Gua Sha body massage can take away that muscle tightness that you’ve been feeling for so long!

If you work with Gua Sha on your face, you may have noticed how many bumps and knots your face has. Usually, these bumps and knots are not felt on normal touch but can be identified when you slide a Gua Sha on your face. Similarly, after a stressful week at work, you are prone to developing muscle knots in your body.

A Gua Sha Massage can help to break down the muscle knots that can cause lots of tension and pain in your body, especially in the neck and shoulder region.

Give it a go by starting a face massage with Rose Quartz Gua Sha.

Wrapping Up!

No matter how consistent you may be in your workouts, remember that it’s normal to take a break when you’re too tired to workout.

Don’t feel guilty; try any of the tips mentioned above when you don’t feel like exercising. Yoga, stretches, lymphatic massage, compression garments, and Gua Sha body massage are all great ways to increase blood circulation, reduce stress, and help you relax.






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